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Friends Only baby :) [25 May 2003|11:00pm]
this joint is friends only!!

If you want to be added leave a comment and I will most likely add you.
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Happy Thanksgiving!! [28 Nov 2002|12:26am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

I've been pretty busy lately! Things went alright with the wisdom teeth, I'm pretty much back to normal now - which is good! I went back to work Sunday, and been working pretty much everyday since, but now I don't have to work till Saturday so I am definetly going to enjoy these next couple days off!! We have been getting quite a bit of snow over the past day... well not too much, but a lot for this time of year! White Thanksgiving definetly!

The guys from work finally won their 1st Bball game last night, it was a really intense game and they played great. I was so proud of them!! Keith got knocked down and he's kinda sore and stuff. I feel bad for him.

My kitty just got back today he was gone since Monday, he got declawed and neutured. I feel so bad for him, he just looks like he is in so much pain. If it was my choice I wouldn't get him declawed, but it's my parentals call! He's sitting in bed with me right now!

Tomorrow my family is coming to my house for dinner and stuff. I wish I could spend some time with Keith and his family, but we are eating at the same time so it's too hard to pick who's house to go to. Hopefully I'll get to see him after or something. Things with us are pretty good.

I should get going though, I am kinda tired -- it's been a long day!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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my mouth - wisdom teeth = LOTS of pain [22 Nov 2002|03:08am]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm still really sore... face is more puffy today than it was yesterday. I can barely talk, I have a feeling I won't be better by Saturday to go to work, I kinda need to be able to talk since it's a big part of my job!!!

I was really bummed out today... I didn't do a damn thing. Sat on my ass and played on the computer all day. It was fun.

Tomorrow I will prolly do all the same stuff!! 'Cept I REALLY wanna see Keith tomorrow, it would make me feel somewhat better ;) Prolly a lot better. But I am hoping these pain killers will make me sleepy... soon!


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No more wisdom... [20 Nov 2002|07:32pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Yah I got my wisdom teeth pulled today..


Keith is coming over now... hoping he can make me feel a lil better!!

Like my new icon?? It's my kittie :)

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Snow!! [18 Nov 2002|02:17pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

We actually have snow covering our grounds!! I love it!

Things have been alright lately, I just got over being sick and stuff... I don't really know what was wrong, but it wasn't fun! Keith is good and that makes me happy :)

Only bad thing right now is... I get my wisdom teeth out in 2 days :( I am a lil scared!!

Plus I can't wait for school to be done...

That is all :)

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Grrrrr [14 Nov 2002|10:12pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I am really sick and pissed off</b>


Food for thought [13 Nov 2002|01:34am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well our anniversary was good. We went to the Outback for dinner, my fave! Then we went to see 8 Mile, it was pretty good, but I don't think it was what I thought it was going to be. But Eminem still rox. I gave Keith his presents, a hodded sweatshirt, 2 pairs of boxers, and Abercrombie cologne. He got me the best things... red roses and a really pretty ring that is my birthstone. I love it, and him!!!

Today was pretty normal. I went to school, then came home, and had to go back for some stupid guest speaker thing. After that I went to Keith's and we went to Dave's house. I don't think I am a big fan of him. He is so mean... he hates me and I can tell. It kinda sux when your boyfriend's bestfriend dislikes you. I just feel like he's mad when I hang out with them, and I'll admit I feel uncomfortable around him because of that. Who knows, but I think he's mean. I just got home a lil while ago. I am pretty tired, I want a good night sleep tonight.


my self-esteem is PRETTY LOW.

how do you measure up? find out, courtesy of emily.

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1 year later.. [11 Nov 2002|12:36am]
Happy Anniversary Keith!!!!!!!

I love you!!
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Canada eh? [10 Nov 2002|03:43pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

We went to Canada last night (Niagara Falls) it was a good time! We left here around 3ish, it was funny cos when we were on the parkway Keith looked in the rearview mirror and was like that looks like your cousins car, and sure enough it was Eddie and my cousin! So they followed us all the way there, which I think is a good thing because like 2 exits away from the end, they had the road blocked off so we had to get off. It was so confusing I thought we were lost, but we made it! I guess they found another body out there at the state park, pretty freaky!

So we got there and got settled in and all ready and Eddie and Kati came to our hotel and we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Had some yummy food, and some drinks! It was nice! After that they left to go back to their hotel cos my cousin isn't 19, so they couldn't really go out and drink. But it was really early anyways, so we laid down and watched TV, I took a nice hour nap :) Then we went to the Casino... after losing $10 with no gain I decieded to call it quits! Then we went bar hopping. We went back to the hotel around 1:30 after stopping at BK :P

This morning we went over to the outlet mall, I bought some stuff from Roots, but Keith couldn't find anything good. So we left there around 1ish. I am soooo tired!!

I know I had a lot of fun... I hope Keith did too!! Tomorrow is the actual anniversary. We're going out to dinner and to see 8 Mile... not sure where we are going to eat though. He doesn't really like my fave resturant. But that's okay I am going there next week the night before I get my wisdom teeth out.

Well I'm out... I need a nap!

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blah... [06 Nov 2002|01:31am]
[ mood | unmotivated & depressed ]

I am so down right now, and for the past couple of days... I don't really know why...

I just can't seem to concentrate on anything and I don't feel like doing anything. I don't know what my problem is. I feel like I am being a horrible girlfriend cos I'm so emotional and sad. I can't wait to go to Niagara Falls this weekend, but this week is going by so painfully slow. I wish I could call Keith right now, but I know he is sleeping, but I just wanna hear him... I can't stop crying.

I have a long day of work tomorrow, I am really not looking forward to it, at all... the worst thing about this new posistion I got is decieding what to wear everyday, it sucks!!

Well I need rest... Love you Keith...


Gotta Skate... [02 Nov 2002|03:46pm]
[ mood | drained ]

The show in Hamilton was great! Very entertaining!!! I loved it, it will be on TV November 1st, look for my "We Love you Kurt" sign!!

After the show always provides to be excellent!! Last night was no exception. We saw a ton of people with VIP passes on going into a lounge type deal, so we followed them in, no one was checking passes so we helped ourself! After a while a couple skaters came in. Steven Cousins, Josee, Izzy & Lloyd, and Brian Orser came in. I only got Steven, Josee, and Izzy's autograph. I don't like Brian and Lloyd left before I made my way over to him. So when Josee left we followed her out to see where they were going. They went downstairs and we found Kurt! We called out his name and he came over to talk and sign for us, then a whole bunch of people came! After that we decieded to go to the hotel and go to the club there and hope to see some of the skaters. When we got to the hotel Kurt was there checking his family in with his wife. So we took our stuff to our room and went down to the club. A lot of the skaters were there. Izzy & Lloyd, Josee, Lu Chen, Brian Orser and Kurt and his wife. It was very cool to like be in the same room as these people when they aren't skating, just getting to see what they are really like. Anton *faints* came in really briefly and stood next to me and was talking to the people next to me. I almost died. I was way too chicken to ask him for his autograph and I am so kicking myself now! Queenie I was gonna get you an autograph too, but I am a chicken. Then he left, I shouldda followed him to get his autograph... I'm dumb. Elena was nowhere around. I met one of the guys from the antigravity group and we talked with him for a while. I asked him where Elena was and he said she was here earlier but she was in her room...pooh! But the whole night was great. A lot of fun... Hamilton is always a good time when there is skating!!

I'm home now though, tired and hungover! I have to go to my lil cousin's bday party in a little bit. Then I am hanging out with Keith tonight!!! Yay!!! One week from today we are going to Niagara Falls for our anniversary, I cannot wait! He's the best :) Well I need to shower!

Love you Keith!

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SNOW!! [02 Nov 2002|12:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I just wanted to say we had our 1st snow today!!! I love snow!!! Woohoo!! I don't think it stuck to the ground though, just some lake effect stuff! But it was still pretty cool!!!

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Googlisms... [31 Oct 2002|11:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Happy Halloween!!!
I had a fairly good day, days seem to be getting longer and longer these days! Maybe it's cos I don't get much sleep! I had classes during the day today, then after that I went to Keith's house and hung out there for a while. Then we had to go to Wegmans to do some project for one of his classes. After that we came back to my house, I handed out some candy to people, it wasn't too exciting! You gotta read these googlisms, they are hillarious!!

Googlisms for Keith and I... lol!!Collapse )

So tomorrow I am going to Hamilton for Kurt's skating show, I can't wait!! But I should get to bed!!


Love you Keith!

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[27 Oct 2002|04:32pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Last night we went on that hayride, it was pretty fun, but it wasn't too scary! We had to wait inline for like 2 hours before we finally got on. It was pretty crowded! 11 of us went so it was fun! After we went to Denny's to get food, then I went to Keith's house. Have I mentioned lately how much I love him? I really do, he's awesome!! But I can't really tell him, because I feel dumb. He hasn't ever said it to me yet, I know he loves me, but I think he's just too scared to tell me. It's weird, it would make me like the happiest girl in the world, when and if he ever does tell me.

Today is my 1st Sunday off in like 5 billion years. It feels great, I didn't wake up until like 1:30, but my clock still said 2:30!! I don't plan on doing a damn thing today, maybe just doing some homework and planning some PS2. That's about all. I barely have to work at all this week. 3:30-mifnight tomorrow, my 1st day traning how to close! Then Wednesday on register 11-4 or something. I was scheduled for Saturday, but I will be in Canada... the Kurt Browning thing is Friday night and I cannot wait!!!

Well I'm out... have to mention again... I love Keith!!!

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*sigh* [25 Oct 2002|10:43pm]
[ mood | crappy ]


I feel not good tonight... my head is like .5 seconds away from bursting. My wisdom teeth are killing my mouth and the pain is just traveling up my head. It hurts :( Plus, I'm tired. I'm prolly gonna go to bed really quick here.

I had a long day of work today, I have a pretty short one tomorrow, then a bunch of us are going to a haunted hayride which should be pretty friggin cool. Keith got outta work mad early tonight and him and his friends are at Jackass movie right now, I was sad cos I wanted to go see it too.

Well this ends my bitchy post...

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I like stuff [23 Oct 2002|12:29am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Today was a nice relaxing day! But before I get today, I'll tell you about my 1st day at work with my new posistion. Everything went well I suppose it was a slow day. I really didn't learn much at all, but it wasn't busy and it was kinda a short shift. The store manager pulled me into his office to tell me what a great job I do and stuff... he gave me a 50 cent raise, which is very cool!!! I had my review with my team leader Kim at the end of my shift and that went well too, so I am really excitied about everything at work right now. I have to work a long day tomorrow, 1:30-8. The worst thing is that I have to deciede what to wear to work each day, before it was always the ugly uniform!!

Today I woke up not feeling so hot... cramps ya know, the usual! I dragged my butt outta bed an hour before my class, and just went in my pjs and didn't bother to shower, I was just going to go to take a math test, and I did just that and came home. Had some lunch went to Green Acres to get some apple cider and fried cakes and came home and slept for 4 hours :) Keith called me and woke me up. So I took a shower and went to his house cos they all had a bball game tonight so I went to watch. I was a jerk at the game, and that's all I need to say. I felt like a big dork. After that I went back to Keith's house and I just got home about a 1/2 hr ago!

Well I need my sleep, I got a long day of work tomorrow! Goodnight!!!

Love you Keith!!


I like life right now :) [18 Oct 2002|01:20am]
[ mood | excited ]

I have been really happy lately... and I have a lot to be happy about!!

Things with Keith and are going great and he makes me happy - our 1 yr is coming up. I start my "new job" next week... which means more hours and a raise! Next weekend a bunch of us are going on the Greater Rochester Haunted Hayride, like tons of us - that will be a lot of fun! Then Nov. 1st I am going to Hamilton for Kurt Browning's TV show taping and spending the night there. Then the weekend after that I go back to Canada - the falls with Keith. Then not so happily the wisdom teeth removal is the next week :(

And to top things off... my mom and I got tix for Stars On Ice tonight... ON ICE SEATS right next to where the skaters come out. I mean I have met just about all of them at least once, but it's still exciting!

Tonight I had to work on Register for what will hopefully be my last full shift for a while! I gotta be in at 10 tomorrow to work in coffee till 5, then hopefully going out to Eastview mall with my mom to look for work clothes. Then she is supposed to dye my hair - my roots are herrendous. Then I'm chilling with Keith lata!!! Saturday night I am doing something with Kassy - I miss her!!

Well I'm out!!

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Must.... update.... [16 Oct 2002|01:32am]
[ mood | sick ]

Hi all...
I am very tired right now, but I don't have work or school tomorrow so it always keeps me up late on the computer and watching all the late night shows!

I had a pretty busy day today. I left school a class early because I was really, really hungry and I couldn't take it anymore!! So I went home and ate some food and played PS2 till Andrea called me. We went to the mall I got 2 hot shirts from Express. Then we went to the Bball game, they lost :( My mom picked me up from there to take me to the mall out there. I only got a sweater from AE... nothing else I was disappointed. I need a lot of clothes for this new posistion I got at work. Plus, it gives me an excuse for my mom to buy me some clothes!!!

I miss Keith a lot... I haven't really gotten to talk to him much and I haven't seen him since the weekend. Hoping I get to see him tomorrow. But I think I am getting sick, I feel like I am coming down with something. So I am going to try and sleep it off!!



It's late... [15 Oct 2002|01:18am]
[ mood | Tired and Pissed ]

Today was a pretty good day. I got to sleep all late cos Mondays means no school and I didn't have to work till 6. I got up around 12:30, last time I got to sleep in I slept till 2:30!! Sat around and played SOCOM till I had to go to work.

Work was alright, short 3 1/2 hr shift. My trainees went on Register tonight, they did pretty good. Keith was there most of the time so I got to see him too :)

When I got home I had to start this stupid essay for my COM class on why or why not the FCC should approve a merger between NBC and AOL Time Warner. It was stupid and I could care less if they did or didn't! Then I had some math hw to do, and I HATE - DISPISE, my teacher. She is soooo STUPID. Everyone in the class makes fun of her, she's such a flake. All she does all class is complain about the overhead or the chalkboard and we don't get anything done. Then she won't go over stuff with us because we can't get behind her 8am class. She drives me nuts. I am glad I understand most of the stuff... but some stuff I don't and I won't no matter how many times she goes over it. So I am pissed right now cos I don't know how to do it!

Tomorrow I have class from 9:30-3:30, then when Andrea gets outta work at 4 we're going shopping for my new work wardrobe, then the guys have their 1st bball game tomorrow at 6:45 and I think my mom is gonna meet me there when it's over and we'll go back to the mall for more clothes since I don't have much money!

So tomorrow will be a busy day :)


Guess who's back, back again, Brenda's back tell a friend :) [14 Oct 2002|01:59am]
[ mood | sore ]

Hi All...
Hoping I can start updating again.

Just for a quick overview of all things new and exciting...
School started, only 13 more days left of class till semester is over!!! I only go Tues and Thurs so it's really niiice! Keith and I have our 1 yr anniversary coming up Nov 11th. We are going to Canada, which should be a good time. I got a promotion at work, finally I am a Front End cordinator - I start next week. I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled Nov 20th and I'm not looking forward to that!

But I think that's really about it! Everyone is home from school this weekend. Well I was really happy to see Andrea, Lloyd, and Lyndsay. I miss them all a lot!!! I worked sooo freaking much over this weekend. about 27 hrs in 3 days, I am really tired. I have to work tomorrow too, but not until 6pm and I don't have school so I'm sleeeeeping LATE! But for now I am out, I will update more I promise!!

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